París. © Carlos Torreblanca.

París. © Carlos Torreblanca.


Fotografia DIN A2 (59,4X42 cm.),  papel baritado
Montaje: moldura metálica de 79,4X42cm., 10cm. de bisel,  5mm. de grosor y fondo de conservación formando carpeta, esquinera de Mylar, cristal y trasera de contrachapado
Numerada y firmadas. Series de 5 unidades.

Plazo de entrega: 10 días.


​Carlos was born with an eye for simple beauty. He has maintained an uncompromising pursuit towards artistic nudes. Idealistic seeking to expand commitment and quality to the best. Self-taught in pursuits of iconic images; his work tells of a personal journey, in which passion remains his art's focal point. Always geared toward expanding his repertoire in the art of 'Imagery Captivation'; his unique style showcases excellent technique; not only in terms of extensive technical acumen, buy at seamlessly integrating subject matter alongside life's revealing moments: captures worthy of more than just praises. An always versatile journeyman, his plethora of visual studies range from the traditionally dictated focuses thought the bold, unconventional spectrums of exploratory views: those destined against purist ideologies to become robust mixes of constantly evolving techniques; representing a rite of passage few earn through manual labors of love never to be forgotten. His cultural, multi-expression B&W still personify the story of truth.